Trade Finance

Trade finance refers to financing trading transactions. In this financing arrangement, banks or other institutions provide buyers with a line of credit for purchasing products from the suppliers. Trade Finance provides customers with instant access to quality insurance and Letters of Credit. There is comfort knowing that customers will not be obligated to pay suppliers who perform inadequately.

Nuts have always been regarded as healthy snacks with growing market and consumption. Cashew nuts, a richly sweet product of the cashew tree, have gained popularity in Asia, North America and Europe not only for their succulent flavor but for also health benefits. Cashew nuts have a high energy density and high amount of dietary fiber, both which have been attributed to a beneficial effect on weight management. It is also known to support healthy muscles and bones, reduced risk of gallstone disease and have a beneficial effect on those with diabetes.

Africa is the main supplier of good quality Cashew nuts with 40% of global production. Our product aim is to achieve a return of 100% per annum on this particular trade finance product.

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