Other than a form of preserving heritage and historical value, antiques also prove to have high growth potential in times of instability. It is inflation-proof and the value will continue to rise. By 2011, investment in antiques only takes up 0.07% of total wealth, which is about US$0.14 trillion. At the same time, the market share of China auction market has been rising, from 5% in 2006 to 30% in 2011. The strong demand for Chinese antiques attributed to its rapid appreciation. The strong performances of auction results from the sale of Chinese antiques in Sotheby’s and Christie’s in Hong Kong is a clear indication of this trend. CCL launched the first Structured Chinese Antiquity Fund in Hong Kong, in order to introduce a new alternative asset class among the existing traditional asset investment classes. What is more, antiques, as a form of alternative investments, helps to reduce the investment portfolio risk through diversification and it provides a shield platform under critical market condition. The portfolio mainly focuses on Porcelain, Stoneware, Pottery and Bronze items which are undervalued with anticipated potential growth.

The IRR is predicted to be 15-25% aiming to achieve a return of 100%-150% in 5 years time.In order to preserve the historical and cultural value of Chinese arts, the management team decided to donate 5% of the management fee to Arts related Museums.

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